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Cleome spinosa hybrid - 'Senorita Rosalita'

Genus: Cleome.

Species: Cleome spinosa.

Common name: Cleome 'Senorita Rosalita'
Botanic name: Cleome spinosa hybrid - 'Senorita Rosalita'

Senorita Rosalita is like no other Cleome. It is a stunner- being in flower right through spring, summer and autumn in Australia. In warmer districts flowering continues for twelve months right through winter also.

Cleome are sometimes called Spider flowers. Senorita Rosalita has lavender pink flowers in terminal flower heads that produce new buds and flowers from the centre of the spike.

Another great attribute, once established, your plant will require minimal watering. Senorita Rosalita is sterile, it does not set seed so there is no dead-heading to keep
it flowering. Deep green foliage holds to the ground. Birds and butterflies are attracted to the flowers.

Origin Cleomes are widespread in Central America through to Brazil and Paraguay and Cleome spinosa, one of the parents comes from this area. They generally grow in full sun, some species will grow to 1.5m in height, the hybrid Senorita Rosalita grows to a third of this height.

Few pests attack these plants. They are easy to grow once they are established. Most shrubs need to be nurtured for a few months after planting then they are generally self sufficient except in dry times. Mulching to 5cm is beneficial. Fertilise regularly every two or three months. Use an organic or slow release fertilizer.

Pruning can be done as needed during the warmer months. Normally tip pruning will give more flowering as it encourages more shoots which each develops into a flower spike.

Photos of this plant

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