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Torenia baillonii

Genus: Torenia.

Species: Torenia baillonii - Catalina hybrid.

Common name: Torenia - Catalina series 'Viva Sol'
Botanic name: Torenia baillonii
Family: Scrophulariaceae

Catalina, are low growing compact hybrids of Torenia baillonii and do as well in shade, semi-shade and even into full sun.
Flower size is larger and brighter in shade.
Plants grow to around 20cm in height. They grow well in decorator pots, garden beds and hanging baskets.

Catalina 'Viva Sol' has vibrant golden yellow open pouch flowers, like Snapdragons in shape. Blooms for many months of the year with masses of bloom all over the plant. Full sun is best for maximum flowering.

Photos of this plant

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