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Mirabilis jalapa 'Stars and Stripes'

Genus: Mirabilis.

Species: Mirabilis jalapa.

Common name: Four O'Clock, Marvel of Peru or Beauty Of The Night.
Botanic name: Mirabilis jalapa 'Stars and Stripes'
Family: Nyctaginaceae

Four o'clocks are unusual because their flowers open as the sun sets and close when a new day dawns. That their red, pink, yellow or white trumpets are sweet-scented is a bonus for moths and people alike. And that these perennials bloom continuously with minimal care is a boon to the time-pressed gardener.

Once planted, four o'clock roots, seeds or cuttings take care of themselves. They are not fussy about soil, though their performance is enhanced by filtered shade and by watering during dry spells.

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