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Mexican Yucca

given to me summer 2007 - rather dead looking with an agave! so i have nursed it back to health and potted it into a large container.

clump forming rosetted perennial succulent from semi-arid areas of Mexico. leaves are linear to lance-shaped arching and often glaucous with fleshy keels and very fine marginal teeth. slightly arching red-bracted racemes or panicles of pendent tubular flowers are borne in late spring or summer.

hardy to minus 10

16th Jan 2008 - i realise that it is not really the right time of year to repot, but i have been a bit concerned about this in a plastic pot, and as i got such a bargin of 3 lovely terricotta pots in QD stores yesterday, and the weather has been very mild for this time of year i decied to chance it! it looks fantastic!

Photos of this plant

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