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Tassel Flower/Flora's Paintbrush

Genus: Emilia.

Species: Emilia coccinea.

bought some seeds from T & M January 2008.

i have planned to put these in the Red/Blue corner of the garden with Buddys rose. also can be used to fill any gaps in the right hand bed in front of the patio.

HHA - flowers bight red, during the summer, height 24" likes full sun.

attractive, small flame red, fluffy flowers sway gently in the summer breeze, resembling an artist's brush or tassles giving the common names!

sow from March to May. sow thinly 3mm deep in drills 12" apart, thin out seedlings to 9-12" apart. can also be sown in pots or trays of moist seed compost covered with a very fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. do not exclude light. germination will usually take 14 -30 days plant out once risk of frost has passed.

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Due over 14 years ago:

Sow outdoors

sow in red/blue corner - will grow to 2ft tall!