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Sunflower 'Claret'

Genus: Helianthus.

Species: Helianthus annuus.

bought from T & M autumn 2007 for Brooke to grow in pots around her play house. height 4-6ft.

can be sown outside between March and May, but they can also be started off early inside, so i think i will start some off in the greenhouse at the begining of feb and then plant them out once danger of frost has past. i will keep back some seed just incase i loose the early ones! not sure how good for growing this greenhouse is going to be yet! - it's not as good as i had hoped for overwintering most of the geraniums i have stored in there are not doing so well, good that i decided to keep cuttings of them all in the porch - they are doing fine!

26 feb 2008 sown 3 pots in greenhouse.

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Reminders for this plant

Due over 15 years ago:

Sow indoors

sow a few in pots in the greenhouse, but just a few incase they don't do well in the greenhouse more can be sown outside in march, if needed.