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Poppy - Californian Poppy 'Champagne & Roses'

Genus: Eschscholzia.

Species: Eschscholzia californica.

bought some seeds from T & M autumn 2007.

a gorgeous combination of rose and champagne-pink, hardy annual, height 8-10" sunny position dry soil. summer flowering

scatter sow direct March/April or september/october. in any gaps at the front of the cottage garden area, and woodland bed and also right handside bed, they would also look good around the crocosmia i have planted by the side of where Brookes play house will be - they make an exellent gap filler. think i will also use some in the front garden if i have any gaps out there!

15th March 2008 - sown direct into hot beds, woodland, righ hand and a few scattered in the left hand bed.

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Reminders for this plant

Due about 14 years ago:

Sow outdoors

throw sow in the front of cottage garden bed, woodland bed, and front garden.