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Pot Marigold 'Sherbet Fizz'

Genus: Calendula.

Species: Calendula officinalis.

bought from T & M autumn 2007.

height 16-18" hardy annuall sow march to may outside, light well drained soil in full sun flowers throughout the summer.

i have bought these to fill any gaps at the front of the woodland bed, right hand bed and also the front garden.

15th march sown 1/2 the pack in the back garden along woodland and right hand beds, and a few in the front. i am saving the others for along the washing line area but it will need some digging over first!

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Reminders for this plant

Due about 14 years ago:

Sow outdoors

scatter them in any availble gaps in the front of woodland bed, right hand bed, and also the front garden.