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Tagetes erecta - Vanilla Marigold

Genus: Tagetes.

Species: Tagetes erecta.

Common name: Vanilla Marigold
Botanic name: Tagetes erecta

Vanilla marigold produces creamy white flowerheads. In general, marigolds are robust, trouble free plants which branch vigorously. Leaves are finely divided, to 4 inches long, and medium green.

Fully double heads have tight centres that shed water and avoid turning brown longer. Each double, creamy white bloom is 2.5 to 3 in./6 to 7 cm across and sits atop darker green foliage. Remove and discard spent flowers to encourage extended flowering.

Great for borders and containers. A natural insect repellant for herb and vegetable gardens. Grow in full sun.

Photos of this plant

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