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Tricyrtis x 'Empress' - Empress Toad Lily

Genus: Tricyrtis.

Species: Tricyrtis x 'Empress'.

Common name: Empress Toad Lily
Botanic name: Tricyrtis x 'Empress'

Toad lily is perhaps best known for its unique orchid like flowers, its ability to bloom in shade and unusual late summer to early fall blooming time.

This toad lily is the hybrid between Japanese toad lily (Tricyrtis hirta) and Taiwan toad lily (Rricyrtis stolonifera).

It is also easy to grow, has large glossy spotted leaves and produces massive orchid like flowers in a tall branched spikes. Each flower has six pink petals with larger purple spots plus yellow centre.

It does not spread with underground tubers like Taiwan toad lily and forms a more compact clump. One mature plant can produce up to few hundred flowers.

Ideal for borders, woodland gardens, shade gardens, cottage gardens. Easily grown in average, medium wet to wet, well-drained soil in part to heavy shade. Prefers moist, humusy, slightly acidic soils. Frost hardy.

Photos of this plant

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