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Russian Vine

Genus: fallopia.

Species: Fallopia baldschuanica.

Bought this again for our new garden after it turned out to be a star buy in our last garden as a screen for our wheelie bins.

When we first got it home from Asda (only £1.99) we looked it up online an found it can grow 12m in one season...our old garden was < 10m long!

But with daily (almost hourly) pruning and training this was a brilliant plant with beautiful white flowers in summer and very quickly 'did the job' - our wheelie bins were screened from view! We also had a purple flowering clematis (viticella rubra) growing up the trellis and they complimented each other very well.

Let's hope the new owners of our old house know what to expect with the pruning and training! Father in law had one in his garden and didn't care much for it so chopped it right down and it grew back in weeks, so he cut it down again and poured creosote on it...and it grew back again in a few weeks!

Now in the new garden we're establishing another russian vine this time from Focus (£7.99 eek) to screen the wheelie bins once again. A couple of weeks ago we thought it had actually died with the harsh winter but no, there is healthy growth starting to bud out of the woody stems...go russian vine!

Photos of this plant