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Honeysuckle x2

Genus: Lonicera.

Species: Lonicera.

Bought 2 for £2 in Dobbies sale in early February.

Found them amongst pile of definitely dead plants in the sale section but could see the potential in them and had to have them for £1 each. Have to wait and see what variety they are when they flower.

They've sat in their pots on the patio for last few weeks through wild wind and snow (battered, blown over, picked up, battered, blown over, picked up) and they're now coming on great with loads of new growth.

Swithering about where to put them - probably going to build a trellis in the lower section of garden near seating area so will provide good coverage and colour and hopefully fragrance throughout the summer once established.

Already have one other yellow honeysuckle (lonicera tellmaniana) growing up the drain pipe at the back of the house.

UPDATE: well these were indeed planted down by the patio area but instead of against the trellis (where we planted 4x clematis instead) these were situated against the outside fence. They've acted as a great screen from the road but the one right in the corner behind the silver birch tree always grows so vigorously to start with before succumbing to some sort of disease. Never enough to do long term damage but enough to destroy the display. We've added another of a different variety to provide more cover. This one and the other of the same variety as the first both seem to avoid any pests. The other (fourth honeysuckle) by the house has now grown up the drain pipe to above the bedroom window height and still going! Our neighbours has also begun to cascade over to ours and provides a beautiful show of colour.

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