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Rose 'Rhapsody In Blue' (David Austin)

Genus: Rosa.

Species: Rosa glauca.

Bought from David Austin web site January 2008.

'Rhapsody In Blue' (Frantasia) - David Austin recommended variety

modern shrub rose, bred by Cowlishaw. semi-double sweetly scented. hardy and good repeat flowering.

this new variety has created a great deal of excitement around the world in rose trials. the colour is an irridescent purple that fades to slate blue and is almost certainly the closest yet to a blue rose. it will grow into a tall, bushy shrub that repeat flowers well and is very healthy. 4.5ft x 3ft.

January 2008 - it has not arrived yet but i have plans to plant it in the red/blue corner - along the fence where the foxes come in - thought the prickle might put them off!

feb 2008 arrived! planted with lots of organic soil improver and rose feed, i have secured the fence at the bottom with bamboo stick which should hold for a while. it's quite a nice size so should look lovely and do well here.

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