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Acer Ginnala

Genus: Acer.

Species: Acer ginnala.

Something really enjoys eating the leaves of this tree! Could be leaf cutter bees.
Planted seeds late 2007 in pots. Came up nicely. By August 3 good sizs, 1 a bit smaller and 2 weedy ones. Will plant out the decent ones, maybe by fence near Aucubas, and near wall (Acer bed) after moving Kniphofias. Other possibilities are side garden and willow bed.

Photos of this plant

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Reminders for this plant

Due over 15 years ago:

Plant out baby trees

Put 1 in front of new clematis near fence. Put 1 near workshop in new bed. (Could move Kniphofia). Another possible place is near berberis or somewhere in that area.