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Genus: Buddleja.

Species: Buddleja davidii.

Three types:- Black Knight, Blue?, and white.. White new plant summer 2007. Blue in since 2006. Seem to do well here without going wild.
In June 2008 decided to buy 10 more plants 750F each from Dallaskert. We decided they grow faster than anything else for screening purposes. They are labelled white, pink, or lilac except one which has Royal R on it. The plan is to put about 4 in side bed to screen from neighbour, 2 in bed with Black Knight to hide the gate, and the rest in gaps around perimeter of garden. Some were dry so they are soaking first (4th June). will probably plant next week when we return from Romania.

Photos of this plant

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Reminders for this plant

Due about 16 years ago:

Prune in early march

Due about 15 years ago:


Prune all bushes hard in early March.