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I have Spring and Autumn flowering types. Many colours. They always cause great excitement when they begin to show. 2007 was mild and the first were out at the end of Jan {rare for this cold place}. 2008 looks like we will not see flowers till mid or late Feb.

Bought mixwd pack of 50 from Aldi, bargain price. Big and small bulbs. Planted in Philadelphus bed, side garden and in pots.

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Reminders for this plant

Due over 15 years ago:

Plant bulbs

Plant crocus in various spots.
1 15 white Jean d'arc. Divide between front beds. Round edges esp near tree, front red bed, side blue bed edge near wall, & edges pink.
2. 20 vernus (plain & striped) pink and blue beds around edges alt with white. Put 10 next to back path in beds.
3. 60 mixed Botanical. Many around new side beds, and near neighbours. Any left continus along side path. Also some at front of hydrangea bed.