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Many and various tulips planted over past 2 years. I found in 2007 that those in their second year were a bit smaller and paler than their first year.

Photos of this plant

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Reminders for this plant

Due almost 13 years ago:

Plant bulbs

1) 50 mixed dutch. 20 in all side beds. Rest in central bed, shrub border near fence, behind rockery, hydrangea bed and bed near fence in lower garden. 10 groups of 3.
2) 5 Calgary (yellow). Near pig shed and old Apeldoorn tulips.
3) 5 Antwerpen (coral pink) Around edge Philadelphus end bed.
4) 5 Vancouver (white) next to house in new bed.
6) 5 Dordogne.(pale pink). In mulberry bed round Buddleia/ edge of bed near Mulberry??
7. 5 Rhodes in lower shrub bed.
8) 7 Spring green (50cm). Middle central bed. Maybe 2 0r 3 in yellow.