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Lathyrus [sweet pea]

Genus: Lathyrus.

Species: Lathyrus odoratus.

They surprised us in 2007 by self seeding and surviving the winter. Flowered very early and then died off in the heat.
6th March 2008. I soaked seeds from last year and sowed them outside today. I put them alonside fence in side garden, and the same starting at top of pond area and going about halfway down lower garden, I also put a few near middle pergola where there is no rose, and at bottom of dead cherry tree.
27th march 2009. Planted soaked seeds from Mr Fothergills bouquet mixed, and T&M Fragrentissima, next to 2 arches, lower trellis, Under Apricot in pot with Creeper, next to neighbour in side garden and by front trellis. Some also started indoors from T&M and ready to plant out soon.

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Due over 15 years ago:

Sow seeds indoors

Sow indoor sweet peas.