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Helianthus [sunflower]

Genus: Helianthus.

Species: Helianthus annuus.

One of the symbols of Hungary where we live. In 2007 I grew claret sunflowers for the first time. The neighbours were agog. Also had some traditional yellow. I saved lots of seed, so will wait to see whether the hybrid claret reverts to norml or what?
7th March 2008
Today I sowed a lot of last years seed.
Red sunflower, along wall and fence in front garden. Also in middle of new bed between fence and pergola.
Yellow sunflower, in middle of front yellow bed,in bed next to house wall and some on top of rockery near car, some on hills and around hills behind pond, and all around perimeter of lower garden. I put between 5 and 10 seeds in each hole. Red seed did not look very good at all, yellow looked bigger. We will see.
SUMMER 2008: Got sunflowers all over the place. Really too much in front garden or top'side gardens. Next year keep to sides of lower garden. Some were 15 ft giants. Lots of seed saved for birds. Sow more thinly next year, maybe 3/4 to 1 spot and more frequently.

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Reminders for this plant

Due almost 16 years ago:

Clear out beds

Clear sunflowers and other dying annuals out of front garden first, and back later. Weed and clear front beds as much as poss. Add leaf mould/compost and dig over in empty areas. Plant white hibiscus, bulbs, other seedlings etc. rebark later when planting done.