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Kniphofia [Red Hot Poker]

Genus: Kniphofia.

Species: Kniphofia uvaria.

Planted 2005. About 8 plants from a friend. Grew very quickly. In 2006 had to move 2 because too big for their position. These divided into about 12 plants which I put in lower garden near pond. Grew very tall too, flower stalks over 6 ft. They really like it here.

Photos of this plant

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Reminders for this plant

Due almost 16 years ago:

Divide/move large kniphofia in woodland bed and near compost heap. move to lower garden. also tie up foliage for wintre.

They are too big for the smaller beds now,

Due over 15 years ago:

Divide kniphofia

Move from woodland bed, and divide from compost bed. Tie uo foliage for winter,