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Poppy - hugh doubles mixed

Genus: Papaver.

Species: Papaver somniferum.

Not entirely sure its an opium poppy, but thats my best guess. Grown from a packet of TM seeds bought when i was very little, which had been opened so only 4 germinated,

(one fell over - i didn't realise they needed to be staked, another was slugged (but appears to have survived and is growing back) and the other is only a few inches high and was the runt of the litter)

when i sowed them this spring. The fat buds were temping me for days outside the kitchen window and then it opened and looked simply stunning. I was also suprised to see bees attacking it on the first morning but never since (that i've noticed), i'm hoping to save the seeds and see what comes out of them next year.

Photos of this plant

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