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Vegetable Plot

Started building plot early 2008.
Started sowing seeds April 2008
9 April - lettuce springing up, well touch of green
11 April - can just see radishes popping through
Aug 2008 - chard and spinach great, squash doing well, red onions did ok, a bit small, spring onions coming through prob needed more space,as did leeks.(more thinning). Cabbages no go eaten, also pak choi, plus bolted. carrots not worth it for time and space. corn now just getting bigger. beetroot ok, a bit small, but grows well. Broccoli now in, weill see how it does, put egg shells round and plastic bottles to protect. Salad has done well, even now as a bit tall but stillget a few leaves. Tried sowing again but not much there, think may have got eaten. Potatos got attacked by snails. Aubergines are surviving and getting bigger. chives ok. Radishes were good will do again.

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