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05. Side garden

This area is where my washing line is. We have planted shrubs at the side which will eventually provide screening. There are two small rockeries and an old weeping willow, a Robinia (false acacia) and a tall pine tree in this area, plus a dead apricot tree with a virginia creeper growing up it (this supports the washing line)
In may 2008 I extended the bed along the back of the workshop and moved the other small maple into it. I think I will try to make beds around the foot of the pine tree and the dying willow tree. I will need to improve the soil and then see what climbers etc I can find to grow up the trees. Possibly Roses and Clematis around the willow, Ivy possibly too.
The willow was cut down in the summer. Put a pot of ivy on top and clematis, and trumpet vine climbing up. Branches regrew from main stump and made it look quite green.
Also added a Clematis to the Virginia creeper and an ivy, so dead Apricot is a green tree again.
More shrubs like buddleia next to fence and some more perennials, a small Acer G, and a small Hibiscus.

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