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Costus productus or Spiral Ginger

Genus: Costus.

Species: Costus productus.

Common name: Spiral Ginger
Botanic Name: Costus productus
Family: Costaceae

Costus is a cousin of the Gingers. Costus productus is actually an edible variety. The flower petals are quite sweet and nutritious. It's a lower grower and makes a great ground cover.

This Orange Spiral Ginger is a shade lover. It's a lush medium sized clumping ginger with flowers of orange bracts and a single orange dayflower produced daily.

Each flowerhead lasts over a month and the clump can be in flower for months while the weather stays warm.

Excellent cut flower. Grows 60cm in a pot and 1.2m in the garden.

Protect from frost and cold winds.

Photos of this plant

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