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Genus: Clematis.

Species: Clematis flammula.

■Position: full sun or partial shade
■Soil: fertile, well-drained, neutral soil
■Rate of growth: fast-growing
■Flowering period: July to October
■Flower colour: pure white
■Other features: silky-grey seedheads
■Hardiness: fully hardy

Masses of sweetly scented, pure white, star-shaped flowers from July to October, followed by silky-grey seedheads. The common name for this semi-evergreen or deciduous clematis - the fragrant virgin's bower - refers to the fantastic hawthorn-vanilla perfume that fills the air after rain. Perfect for growing through a tree or shrub in a well-drained, sheltered site in full sun.

■Garden care: In early spring cut back the previous year's stems to a pair of strong buds about 15-20cm (6-8in) above ground-level and apply a slow-release balanced fertiliser and a mulch of well-rotted garden compost around the plant, avoiding the immediate crown.

■Eventual Height: 6m
■Eventual Spread: 1m

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