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Clematis 'Multi Blue'

Genus: Clematis.

Species: Clematis.

bought from QD stores 21 feb 2008 - have no idea what the variety is as the picture and label just say Clematie - helpful! but it is a large single flowered deep purple one with lilac/mouve centre - lots of feathery bits in the middle. and according to the label it flowers between May and September - well that narrows it down! lol. prune febuary/march and fully hardy

i have planted it on the rose arch to accompany the blue moon roses, should look fab if they flower together!

april/may, as i have now decided to move the arch i have replanted this clematis in the right hand bed, against the fence behind the red robbin, the conditions here should be perfect, shade at the bottom and sun on top, plus i am hoping it will also work its way through the red robbin once it gets going!

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