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Genus: Scabiosa.

Species: Scabiosa 'Perfecta Alba'.

skill rating
max. spread
max. height
2-5 years
to maturity
1 hour care
per year
Botanical name: Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta Alba'

Other names: White scabious, Pincushion flower 'Perfecta Alba', Caucasian scabious 'Perfecta Alba'

Genus: Scabiosa

Variety or cultivar: 'Perfecta Alba' _ 'Perfecta Alba' is a clump-forming perennial with lance-shaped, grey-green leaves topped with large, white flowers on erect stems in summer.

Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta Alba' is: Deciduous

Flower: White in Summer

Foliage: Grey-green in Spring; Grey-green, Green in Summer

Habit: Upright, Spreading

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