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Salix 'Flamingo'

Genus: Salix.

Species: Salix.

5ft grafted tree bought from QD stores mid feb 2008, had to shuffle things about a bit to squeeze it in, but i have found the perfect place in the left hand bed, inbetween the hebe heartbreaker and the phormium which was moved along to where the strawberry fields was to make room - the whole bed looks much better. although this was a complete impulse buy - how could i resist at just £7.99? - it is absoloutely perfect for this area!

can be pruned a few times during the summer to produce new shoots that make the plant more bushy at the desired length. first pruning march-april after the frost period is over.

Photos of this plant

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Reminders for this plant

Due almost 14 years ago:

Pruning to shape and for bushyness

as soon as frost has past late march early april give a good trim to make it more bushy.