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Butterfly Bush 'Santana'

Genus: Buddleja.

Species: Buddleja davidii.

Buddleia Santana, Butterfly Bush. A delightful bush with bright variegated foliage. The dark green leaves are surrounded by a neat bright yellow margin which makes a wonderful accent for the purple-red flowers. Long bloomer that attracts Butterflies with a sweet aromatic fragrance. Makes an ideal specimen or border shrub. Height 6-8 Feet and Spread 6 Feet.

This one is in the front garden. Buddleias can be cut hard back in late winter, just as they begin to grow. You can cut them back as much as you like. They come back. This one doesn't seem to get too big,but a good prune I. The late winter will keep it nice and bushy. If you prune them in the autumn they don't do very well. better leave it until March.

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