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x conifer - one-tree forest #1

I've no idea what plant this is, other than some kind of conifer
This pot has a reservoir underneath, but no way to get the water there without soaking it through the soil, so I buried a bit of plastic tube alongside, hopefully to keep the reservoir topped up wihtout drowning the roots

2013: it started going brown at the tips; I trimmed them in the hope that they'd grow back green, but not so; it got more and more "rusty".

2014: I had little shelter after the move during winter - had it stowed in a corner as much out of the wind as i could, but it ot rustier and rustier - eventually i cut some still-green stems off and potted them in the hope that they might take.

Cut the main plant right back, hoping that it will come back greener: repotted it, fresh compost (long overdue; that season's repottings had been interrupted by the move) - it'll either grow or it won't.

I bought a small conifer from Asda some months ago; looking more closely at it, it seems to be the same type - at least, it's got more than one stem.

it went very rusty: I tried stem cuttings, but didn't think of it when they might have done some good. Reluctantly had to admit that it wasn't coming back

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