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Genus: Clematis.

Species: Clematis Julka.

planted 11/06/11, height 2m,
Watering and Feeding
Water with a suitable tomato feed, 2-4 l per plant when the soil dries 2cm in depth. Alternatively, a slow release fertilizer tablet can be used. Do not overwater in early spring or autumn. Water around the base of the plant only. Keep leaves/foliage dry.
1st year: cut to 30cm height in February - to encourage branching
2nd year: cut to 1m in February to again encourage branching higher up the plant
Subsequent years: Cut back all stems toa strong plump pair of buds to confines of space a vailable. Remove dead and weak stems.
Additional pruning promotes a second flush of late summer flowers. Immediately after flowering, plants can be pruned back by 30-40 cm from the top to a pair of healthy buds. New growth can result in a second crop of flowers.

Clematis wilt:
Healthy plants shcould not get clematis wilt. Prevent infection by keeping leaves and stems dry when watering. Spray leaves and stems with Fungus Clear Ultra TM monthly in April, May, June and July. If a plant does develop wilt, cut the stem back to below the wilte section, burn or destroy al wilted growth. Water and feed normally when growth restarts.

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