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Dahlia - Bishop of Llandaff

Genus: Dahlia.

Species: Dahlia Pinnata.

'Bishop of Llandaff' is an herbaceous perennial to 1m in height, with deep blackish-red foliage and semi-double brilliant red flowers 6cm in width.


Grow in fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil, enriched with organic matter and general purpose fertiliser, in full sun. Pinch out growing tips to encourage bushy plants and stake. Water freely in dry periods. Feed weekly during the growing season: provide a high-nitrogen liquid feed each week in June, then a high-potash fertiliser each week from July to September. Deadhead to prolong flowering. Cut back to near ground level (15cm) in the autumn, before lifting the tubers. Clean and allow to dry naturally indoors, then place the dry tubers in a shallow tray, just covered with slightly moist potting compost, sand or vermiculite. Store in a frost-free place, checking frequently over the winter months. Replant the tubers out once the risks of frost have passed, or use as a source of cuttings in spring.

Propagate by softwood cuttings taken in spring from shoots from stored tubers, or divide the tubers ensuring each division has a viable bud. Time to take cuttings: February to April; time to divide plants: March to May.

Cuttings: In late winter, put a shallow layer of damp general purpose in the bottom of a tray and put the tubers on top. Cover with compost, leaving just the stem showing. Put in a light place and within weeks, shoots will spring up from the tuber. A good dahlia plant only really wants 3-5 main shoots so any extra shoots make good cutting material. Cut with a sharp knife, just below soil level, taking a bit of tuber on the base of the stem, as there are more hormones there to enable it to root. Remove almost all of the leaves, leaving just the growing tip, to reduce water loss. Place in a pot of compost/perlite and keep in a propagator or plastic bag tent to keep the humidity up until they root.

Species: Dahlia × hortensis
Hybrid parentage: D. coccinea × D. pinnata
Cultivar: 'Bishop of Llandaff'

Bought current tubers 2012.
2013 - Started one tuber into growth 10 Feb.

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