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Begonia 'Glowing Embers'

Genus: Begonia.

Species: Begonia.

'Glowing Embers' is a hybrid variety, introducted 2010. Low-growing cultivar with dark foliage. The waxy, single flowers are bright orange, flushed yellow, and are produced non-stop throughout summer and into autumn. The plants are trouble-free, thriving in shade or indirect sunlight. Height & Spread: 40cm after 1-2 years. Tender. Deciduous.

Set dormant begonia tubers in small pots or trays of free-draining compost during February or early March. Take care to plant the knobbly tbers the right way up - they have a rounded side that should be planted downwards, the concave side uppermost. Tiny pink growth buds may just be visible on the concave surface, and the tubers should be planted so a thin layer of compost just covers the surface and buds. Place in a heated propagator (21 degrees C) to promote root and shoot development. Only water the compost around the tubers very sparingly, whenever it becomes pale and dry.

2013 - Started tubers into growth 9 Feb.

Can be propagated by dividing the tubers. Cut tubers cleanly with a sharp knife, each section must have at least one healthy shoot on it. Divide tubers in Spring (usually April) when you can see developing buds or young growths as this makes it much easier to decide where to cut.

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