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Heuchera "Plum Pudding"?

Don't know if this is the right name, it's the closest match I could find on the BBC Plant-finder

I have two, but don't know if I'm calling the same one "1" all the time!

Photos of this plant

  • Heuchera_111019_3_
  • Heuchera_120320
  • Heuchera_2_120320
  • Heuchera_1_120620_3_
  • Heuchera_2_120620
  • Heuchera_split_130529
  • Heuchera_plum_pud_140622
  • Heuchera_plum_pud_sm_140629
  • Heuchera_plum_pudding_140914_2_
  • Heuchera_plum_pud_141011