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Eccremocarpus scaber

Genus: Eccremocarpus.

Species: Eccremocarpus scaber.

free seeds from T&M, years ago started me off on a trail to find as many colour combos of this delicous beauty. At first I only managed a red and a orange/red. Then a couple of years ago I found secret seeds, who were having a sale, so I bought their pink and cream ones. From this I only got two pinks. Then this year I got a new packet of tresco hybrids which gave me a red and two oranges. I now have bought more pink and more cream to try this coming year and I have some tresco seed left so I will be trying that too, also I collected seed from all my plants this year and will be trying them as well. I will start sowing in January as I have found that is best with me. Watch this space.

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