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Mini Orchard "Victoria Plum"

Mini Orchard planted April 2012 - Victoria Plum tree is incredibly juicy flavoured fruit and bumper crops year-upon-year. Tree can be laden with at least 100lbs of fruit for the next 30 years and beyond.

Harvest from late July onwards, ideal for jams, preserves and pies, or if kept in the freezer can enjoy these all year round.

Height: Bare Root Feathered Maiden 6 to 7 foot
Spread:1.8m over 5 years
Sun Level: Sunny Dappled
Where to Plant

Flower/Fruiting Time:Blossom in March/April and fruit July-September
Hardiness: Fully Hardy below -5 degrees
Soil PH: Any
Organic Suitability: High

Feed with blood fish and bone and keep well watered for best results

Photos of this plant