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Chamois Cress [S]

Genus: Pritzelago.

Species: Pritzelago alpina.

Planted 03.08 Samantha's bed
Location: sunny/partial shade

Botanical name: Pritzelago alpina
Other names: Chamois cress, Hutchinsia alpina
Genus: Pritzelago

Flowers: May - July
Height 10cm

Skill rating Beginner

spread: 0.25m max. spread
height: 0.1m max. height
Time to maturity: 5-10 years

Maintenance level 1 hour care per year

Species: P. alpina - P. alpina is a low-growing, mat-forming evergreen perennial with dark-green foliage. In spring, it bears clusters of lightly scented, small white flowers.

Pritzelago alpina is: Evergreen

Flower: White in Spring

Foliage: Green in All seasons

Fragrance: Flowers are lightly fragrant

Habit: Cushion or Mound Forming
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(=Pritzelago alpina) Also called Chamois Cress. Hutchinsia is not so common in gardens, but is a reliable spring-blooming species best suited to the rock garden or for edging a well-drained border. It forms a low carpet or creeping mat of ferny evergreen leaves, smothered for many weeks by short sprays of tiny white flowers. Great in walls and trough gardens. Prefers part shade in hotter regions. Clumps may be easily divided in late summer.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun or Partial Shade
Soil Type: normal or Sandy
Soil pH: Neutral or Alkaline or Acid
Soil Moisture: Average or Moist
Care Level: Easy
Flower Colour: White
Blooming Time: Mid - Late Spring...Early Summer
Foliage Color: Deep Green
Plant Uses & Characteristics:
Accent: Good Texture/Form
Alpine & Rock
Flower Head Size: Small
Height: 5-10 cm 2-4 inches
Spread: 20-30 cm 8-12 inches
Foot Traffic: Light

Growth Rate: Slow
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Photos of this plant

  • Chamoiscresshutchinsiashenstonesamanthasbed09.04.16
  • Chamoiscressshenstonesamanthsbed09.04.16

Reminders for this plant

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Clumps may be easily divided in late summer.