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Rose Cecile Brunner

Old climber. Mine is huge, neglected for years but now, after some TLC, forming quite a useful hedge. The flowers are so beautiful, especially the opening buds - just like tiny porcelain roses, very delicate and pale pink. It is very thorny. Unfortunately, after the first flowering, it only produces a few sporadic blooms, even if I deadhead it - which isn't practical, because it flowers profusely. It has a lovely, faint, peppery scent. I also have three others - one almost as large, which has climbed to the top of a large contorted willow near the bottom of the garden. It must be 30' high. The others must be bushes - the one at the bottom is just beginning to flower again after the school over the wall had some large overhanging sycamore tree branches cut right back (hallelujah!). The last one has been cut right back bcause it was rather overwhelmed by the two climbers - I am waiting to see what it will do. This rose is unstoppable and always comes back!

Photos of this plant

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