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Callistemon citrinus (Bottle brush)

Genus: Callistemon.

Species: Callistemon citrinus.

I inherited two of these when I moved house. The largest one was planted from seed by the original owner of the house. The smaller one, and one in a neighbours garden, were grown from cuttings taken from it.

Both of my plants were looking rather sorry for themselves when I moved in, I suspect they didn't fare very well in the previous two cold winters, but they did have some new growth coming up from the base. Summer 2012 - cut away a lot of the dead growth from both of them, though leaving a framework as some new growth was appearing from higher branches, plus to keep some privacy as they were a good height. I had also pulled up some seedlings from the path in Spring/early Summer and potted them up. They are wrapped up in the greenhouse hoping to survive the winter.

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