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Genus: Tamarix.

Species: Tamarix tetrandra.

There are two basic types of Tamarix - Spring flowering and late summer/autumn flowering. For Spring flowering Tamarix tentrandra, the flowers and flowering stems are made in the growing season before actual flowering, so stems allowed to grow in late spring/summer 2012, will produce flowers in Spring 2013. If the stems are pruned late in the year, then they will not have enough time to grow into flowering branches for the next year, and you will lose a year of flower. Prune all of the flowered stems back hard - right back to the trunk or main branch - right after flowering has finished. The finished job will look like a stump, but it will soon start sending out long arching stems which will then flower in the following spring. This type of pruning will ensure that you have plenty of new growth.

Photos of this plant

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