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Magnolia Grandiflora Bud

An impressive, evergreen tree with leathery, dark green, glossy leaves with rust-coloured hairs underneath. In late summer and early autumn, large, fragrant, pure white, goblet-shaped flowers open from upright, woolly buds at the end of the shoots. This tree looks magnificent grown as a wall shrub, or as a large specimen tree in a sheltered spot. This variety is tolerant of chalky soils.

Garden care: Plant in a sheltered spot, away from strong winds. Requires minimal pruning. Remove any broken, diseased or crossing branches in spring. The best time to plant is in April, adding plenty of peat to the planting hole, in a sheltered spot. Mulch in spring with manure or leafmould, especially on dry soils.

Position: full sun or partial shade
Soil: any moist, well-drained soil, including chalky
Rate of growth: slow-growing
Flowering period: August to September
Hardiness: fully hardy

Photos of this plant

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