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Genus: Hypericum.

Species: Hypericum androsaenum.

Possibly Hypericum Androsaemum (Tutsan):

Also known as Tutsan, Balm of the warrior's wounds, Park leaves, Sweet amber.

A semi-deciduous perennial shrub which is native to the British Isles. In the wild it is found in open woods, hedgerows and in the crevices of limestone pavement. It is a prolific seeder and can become invasive in the garden where it can establish in the crevices of walls and paving.

The leaves are broadly ovate to ovate-oblong arranged in pairs on reddish stems. The yellow flowers occur from June to August in terminal clusters, sepals are 8-12mm, petal slightly shorter than sepals, numerous stamens in five bundles, with yellowish anthers.

Flowers are followed by green fruits which turn red, then black as they ripen. The seeds are either distributed by birds or fall locally as the fruit dry and burst open.

Height 0.5-0.75m, spread 0.9m. Useful as ground cover.

Tolerates full shade or full sun. Will tolerate most soil types.

It can be grown as ground-cover or to fill an awkward corner, but should be cut back to ground level before the berries turn black as they ripen to prevent self-seeding.

Do not allow it to establish on the tops of walls as it is difficult to remove and could damage the structure. To eradicate, repeated removal of the topgrowth exhausts the roots or a weedkiller for treating tough weeds or scrub should work.

Care: In June, prune out unsightly shoots only (only when needed).

Propagation: Semi-hardwood cuttings in late summer (August).

Difference between Hypericum androsaenum and similar:

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