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Spiraea Japonica

Genus: Spiraea.

Species: Spiraea japonica.

Possibly 'Anthony Waterer':

Deciduous, hardy shrub with clusters of pink flowers in summer (early July onwards). Fast growing, multi-stemmed, rounded form. Attactive to butterflies.
Height & spread: 1.5m.
Position: Ideally fun sun, will tolerate partial shade.
Pruning: Prune back hard in early spring (March/April?) before new growth begins. Optional pruning to maintain shape can be carried out after flowering. OR: Prune old stems to their base and lightly trim the remaining wood in winter. OR: In early spring, just as new growth begins, cut back to a low framework (as for buddleias) or just trim lightly if you want a larger bush.
Propagation: By division or softwood cuttings (April, May, June, July).

Photos of this plant

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