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Giant scabious

Genus: Cephalaria.

Species: Cephalaria gigantea.

Despite its common names 'giant scabious' or 'yellow scabious', Cephalaria gigantea is not a member of the Scabiosa Genus.

- Hardy deciduous perennial
- Height: 6-8ft / 1.8-2.4m (2-5 years to maturity)
- Spread: 0.6-1.0m
- Sun to partial shade
- Average water needs
- Need staking in exposed sites
- Pruning: Deadhead to keep flowers going. When plant is done flowering, cut back and trim foliage as necessary for a tidier appearance.
- Propagate by dividing the rootball (Spring - March/ April) or by seed (allow seedheads to dry on plant, remove and collect seeds, stratify if sowing indoors; OR, sow at 70ºF, if no germination in 3-4 weeks, move to fridge for 2-4 weeks; or sow seed and place in cold frame in early spring; OR sow seed March/April). Will self-seed but not invasive.
- Originates from the Caucasus and Siberia.
- 'Cephale' is Greek for the word head. Member of the teasel family and closely related to Scabiosa, it was one time in the same genus.

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