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Mother in law's Cushion

Genus: Echinocactus.

Species: Echinocactus grusonii.

I bought this in a Spanish nursery in 1983 when it was the size of a thimble! It now has a circumference of 139cm. I have just had to repot it and with the pot it weighs an estimated 20 stone. You should repot a cactus when it's spines touch the edge of the pot. It all has to be done 'insitu' and the cactus wrapped around with 2 long towels to lift it out. It has prize place in my conservatory, faces due south and is never moved. It should now grow bigger more rapidly. I am interested if anyone has a bigger one? They are easy to grow. Do not give them any water form mid October to mid March, as a general rule, but water freely throughout the summer. It is essential to feed it.

Photos of this plant

  • Echinocactus_grusonii