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Tulip 'Havran'

Genus: Tulipa.

Species: Tulipa.

Colour: Maroon/purple
Group: Triumph and Single Late Tulips
Flowering time: Mid to Late April OR mid April-May(?)
Height: 45-50cm

Tulip 'Havran' is a truly beautiful, silk-satin almost black tulip with two to three flowers to a stem, excellent in the border and in pots. Elegant, silvery-blue foliage. Reliable, good weather resistance and good reappearance year after year. Can have two+ flowers per stem.

Don't plant tulip bulbs until the cold weather has set in- this helps wipe out viral and fungal diseases. Leave the browning foliage on your tulips until every leaf has died right down - this allows the bulb to store more food.

Bought 2012

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