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Sweet Peas

2013 - 'Royal Family Mix'.
Seeds from T&M, free with GW 2012.
Grow in borders or large containers.
Flowers June-August.
Large, fragrant blooms in several shades (pinks and purples).
Sow indoors in autumn or early spring. Push seed 1.5cm deep into cardboard tubes or tall pots filled with seed compost. Water and place in a propagator on a cool windowsill at 14-17 degrees C. When seedlings have 2 pairs of leaves, pinch out the tip. Plant in a sunny spot outside in late spring, 30cm apart. Or sow outdoors where they are to grow, in good soil and full sun. Allow plants to scramble up pea sticks, canes, wigwams or netting and tie in stray stems with soft garden twine.
Tip: To encourage a constant supply of blooms, pick flowers regularly, before they fade and set seed.

1st sowing (8) 7 Feb 2013. Planted into large container 29 April.

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