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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

"Luxury Amaryllis Clown"

Growing directions: Plant bulb in compost leaving 1/3 of the bulb exposed. Compress and firm the compost around the bulb and water thoroughly. Place pot in warmest location initially to jump start growth. Water once a week until flower buds appear, then gradually increase watering as plant develops. Turn pot regularly to prevent stem growth toward the light. Once flowers appear, placing pot in a cooler location will prolong flowering time.

To re-grow next season: After flowers fade, cut down the flower stalk, but not the foliage. Continue to water and fertilise monthly. During summer, place pot in the garden. In September bring pot indoors, remove all foliage, and let bulb rest for 8-10 weeks. In mid-November restart the growth process.

Planting time: November onwards.
Flowering time: 6-8 weeks after planting.

Dec 2012 from O&H (Morrisons).

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For many years there was confusion amongst botanists over the generic names Amaryllis and Hippeastrum, one result of which is that the common name "amaryllis" is mainly used for cultivars of this genus, which are widely used as indoor flowering bulbs. The generic name Amaryllis applies to bulbs from South Africa, usually grown outdoors.

Hippeastrum is a tender bulb and needs to be planted in a pot indoors.

Failure to flower can be due to drying off bulbs too early, growing in excessively shady conditions, or under-watering during the previous summer.

Attack from various fungal diseases or bulb pests (such as bulb scale mite or large narcissus bulb fly) might also be to blame. If placed outdoors in summer, watch out for slugs and snails.

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