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Campanula trachelium

Genus: Campanula.

Species: Campanula trachelium.

Useful campanula as it grows in dry soil in shade for me and flowers July/August. Self-sows (but never enough).
This is a British native which I have seen growing on alkaline soil in full sun but seems just as happy with me on acid clay

Photos of this plant

  • Campanula_trachelium_blue_form
  • Campanula_trachelium_double_blue_form
  • Campanula_trachelium_double_white_form
  • Campanula_trachelium_2009
  • Campanula_trachelium_alba_flore_pleno_2009
  • Campanula_trachelium_bernice_2009
  • Campanula_trachelium_alba_flore_pleno_2010
  • Campanula_trachelium_2010
  • Campanula_trachelium_bernice_2012
  • Campanula_trachelium_2012
  • Campanula_trachelium_snowball_2012
  • Campanula_trachelium_2013
  • Campanula_trachelium_2014
  • Campanula_trachelium_2015
  • Campanula_trachelium_2016
  • Campanula_trachelium_2018
  • Campanula_trachelium_2019
  • Campanula_trachelium_2020