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Portuguese Laurel

Genus: Prunus.

Species: Prunus lusitanica.

Bought 3 of these to make a nice evergreen screen in front of the 'behind John's shed area'. They can grow upto 5m tall - although I will keep mine at about 2m, like sun to partical shade, evergreen with scented white flowers March-April. Can survive temps down to -5c - which I was a little concerned about, but considering this is a bit of a sun trap in the summer and quite sheltered does get fair amount of sun in the winter months too, also has RHS garden merit and cheap enough to risk it, I decided to give them a try. I would like to place a nice bench maybe with an arch over in front of this hedge in the furture, but as I will not have the money for this project this year, I have opptunatey to see if this choice of Laurel will work - I liked the shape and Leaf size far more than the common variety which I had originally intended for this spot. - but for £6 per plant for quite a nice size can afford to replace with more hardy variety next year if this is not a sucess.

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